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Constantly improving to build a reliable group of companies serving different industries based on family values

Presenting LANIK Holding – a group of highly specialized industrial companies. Our primary activity is in producing industrial ceramics, as well as supplying technologies and products to various industries. The key is to find balance between our expertise and our business to secure the optimal way of reaching natural development of the businesses in our group, of our supplies, as well as our staff.




customers around the world


annual turnover of the holding in mil. USD

Companies in the LANIK Holding

LANIK s.r.o.

Production of ceramic foam filters and refractory technical ceramics for the foundry, as well as many other industries.

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Design, manufacturing and maintenance of industrial gas and electric furnaces.

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Metsch Refractories Inc.

Manufacturing of refractory ceramics for the investment casting foundry and technical ceramics for the electrical industry.

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ROMILL s.r.o.

Design and manufacturing of technologies for the microwave heating industry.

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Acerta s.r.o.

Manufacturing of concrete reinforcement. Construction and engineering project management services.

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Our business builds on the following values and principles


What started as a family business has now become a group, still maintaining the family-business principles. Gradually the company has managed to expand its portfolio of products, technologies and services. At the same time, we carry on with the family-like nature of our business. We have penetrated global markets and built a strong name for ourselves.


We offer highly specialized products that have been developed based on our unique knowledge and skills. We supply ready-to-use tech. solutions, consumables and devices that can be used in a wide range of industries. We operate quickly, proceed promptly and efficiently and that makes us successful in establishing new collaborations.


Making strategic investments allows us to grow in a meaningful and efficient manner. We diversify our operations to bring the highest possible stability for our companies in domestic and international markets with the least possible risk. We seek balance in our business and professional activities to always find the most relevant path for further development of our group.


Our team always brings their projects to an end, and cares about everything they do. We value mineral resources and energy in all its forms. Our behaviour does not burden the environment and nature. We value our employees and good partnerships with suppliers and customers.


Acquisitions are the key for the expansion of the group activities. We are passionate about identifying meaningful and profitable investment opportunities. We are also enthusiastic about working with schools and universities, which allows us to be in touch with excellent individuals, as well as technologies.


Our employees can benefit from a list of cultural and sporting activities. We are active in our local communities, supporting local events and non-profit organizations. We believe that our efforts will pay off in the future – we want to leave our footprint in all the regions where we operate and employ staff.


The environment in which we do business is an intrinsic part of our group. We hold dear the places where we operate, the natural and cultural heritage of our cities, and the surrounding landscape. We are proud to build on the technical knowledge and skills of previous generations.

LANIK Holding Vision

A family-owned group of top-of-the-range companies with foundations built on the stability of established partnerships and its own values.